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Service and Support

With more than 30 years’ experience and with more than 5000 installations has allowed RAMCON to gain the experience and knowledge needed in order to provide market leading service and support. In addition, RAMCON is one of the largest, most robust, and flexible service organizations in the biotechnology industry in the Nordic region.

RAMCON consistently invest in the service department in order to ensure the resources and competences necessary. It is essential and of absolute importance for RAMCON to deliver as agreed upon and to minimize customer workflow interruptions. In addition, RAMCON is committed to provide the necessary guidance and support in for example, choosing equipment, projecting, installation, training, and support. Furthermore, RAMCON requires that all service engineers are certified for the equipment they service and with the close collaboration with all of the suppliers and across all our departments, enables and guarantees the market's best service and support. Additionally, RAMCON has its own warehouse in Denmark where common spare parts and consumer goods are stocked, reducing delivery times significantly.

RAMCON is certified in accordance with ISO9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO14001:2015 (Environment), which means that all processes in RAMCON are continuously reviewed, validated, and improved, as well as seeks to minimize our environmental footprint.

RAMCON is further accredited in accordance with ISO17025 (Calibration. accred. no. 10502. Swedac), which in other terms means that RAMCON have an accredited testing and calibration laboratory that can consistently produce valid and robust results, services, and calibration of various pipettes.

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If you want to know more about RAMCON's service organization, various service solutions or book a service appointment, please contact us via tel.: +45 45 94 20 00 or e-mail: ramcon@ramcon.dk.


Pipette Calibration

RAMCON performs full service, calibrations and adjustments of all well-known pipette brands. RAMCON calibrates pipettes according to ISO8655 and is accredited in accordance with the ISO17025 (Calibration. Accredited no. 10502. Swedac). RAMCON has more than 25 years of experience and expertise in pipette calibration and calibrates all pipettes in the service laboratory in Sollentuna - Stockholm. A calibration certificate per calibrated item is always included, but depending on the type of calibration you choose, it determines whether you receive an accredited or non-accredited certificate. The calibration certificate shows all measurements, temperatures, humidity, and air pressure. For any repairs, RAMCON utilizes only original spare (OEM) parts.

NOTE - RAMCON offers unaccredited calibrations that are adapted to your specific requirements, wishes, and needs.

If you want to know more about RAMCON's various pipette calibrations, prices, calibration agreements or book a service appointment, please contact us via tel.: +45 45 94 20 00 or e-mail: ramcon@ramcon.dk.

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Service agreements

If you want full control over your service costs, minimize malfunctions and ensure the quality of your test results from your laboratory instruments, then RAMCON recommends you to sign a service agreement. A service agreement with RAMCON makes you more efficient since RAMCON's contracted customers are prioritized, which provides you with a faster and more flexible service as well as shorter downtime for your instruments. RAMCON offers several options for service agreements, from only preventive maintenance to full-service agreements where everything is included. All agreements include a discount on parts, free telephone support, priority service and well-planned maintenance visits.

If you want to know more about RAMCON's various service agreements and service solutions, please contact us via tel.: +45 45 94 20 00 or e-mail: ramcon@ramcon.dk.