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AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometry System

The first true Load & Go flow cytometer
Sample preparation and data management usually are the major bottlenecks in routine flow cytometry. Even with a semi-automated process, you and your team may spend hundreds of hours per year for tasks that don't add to your laboratory's productivity. The AQUIOS CL flow cytometry system is CE IVD compliant.

  • Work with a system that combines sample preparation and analysis in one compact platform.
  • Provide a 24/7 flow cytometry service as the AQUIOS CL can be run by less experienced operators.
  • Increase productivity with high-throughput performance that eliminates many of the least efficient features of existing systems.
  • Minimize the potential for user error inherent in existing systems that require numerous manual steps to set up and run.
  • Discover the AQUIOS Tetra System for Lymphocyte Subset Analysis, AQUIOS PLG or CD4 testing or automate your own user-defined assay with AQUIOS Designer Software.