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13. august 2020

Mød os til DiaLabXpo 2020

29. september - 1. oktober 2020 i MCH Messecenter Herning.

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24. marts 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Udmelding omkring Coronavirus (Covid-19) situationen fra RAMCON.

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2. december 2019

RAMCON acquires all Pretech and Novakemi activities

We are pleased to announce the RAMCON acquisition of all Pretech Instruments and Novakemi activities as of December 1 2019.

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1. november 2019

Welcome AYOXXA

We are excited to announce that we have been appointed Nordic distributor by German AYOXXA Biosystems.

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9. april 2019

RAMCON now offers Nanolive products

We are proud to announce Nanolive as our newest supplier!

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8. april 2019

The Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer is here

Meet the new Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer from Beckman Coulter!

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24. juni 2019

Mød os på DiaLabXpo

Kom og mød os til DiaLabXpo i København til September!

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16. januar 2019

Ny leverandør hos RAMCON

RAMCON tilbyder nu SETARAM produkter i hele Norden.

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27. februar 2019

Flow Cytometry best in class

RAMCON fik tildelt "Flow Cytometry best in class" prisen ved det årlige Beckman Coulter Channel Partner meeting.

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1. november 2018

RAMCON acquires Svamholm.com

Vi er glade for at kunne offentliggøre overtagelsen af alle Svanholm.com aktiviteter pr. 1/11 2018.

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1. januar 2019

Danish Biomek Users Meeting video

Se videoen fra vores Biomek brugermøde på Rungstedgaard her.

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30. april 2020

SMS Application Note 301

An overview of iGC SEA – A new Instrumental Technique for Characterising the Phyisco-chemical Properties of Pharmaceutical Materials.

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2. marts 2020

Biomek tips & tricks seminar

RAMCON afholder to seminarer med fokus på Biomek liquid handlers fra Beckman Coulter.

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1. november 2019

kampagne på materialekarakterisering

Attraktive priser på instrumenter!

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2. december 2019

Centrifuge end of year kampagne 2019

Vinterkampagne på centrifuge produkter.

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1. oktober 2019

ibidi Free Sample Program

Choose up to 3 ibidi products as a free sample.

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