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Ramcon now offers unique single cell manipulation solutions from Cytosurge.

Covid-19 update

A few words on the Covid-19 situation from RAMCON CEO Jesper Hardt.

RAMCON acquires all Pretech and Novakemi activities

We are pleased to announce the RAMCON acquisition of all Pretech Instruments and Novakemi activities as of December 1 2019.

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Cell Solutions

Ramcon offers various equipment and accessories for cell analysis such as anti bodies, flowcytometers, microscopes, stereo, confocal and super resolution microscopes, slides and live-cell imaging equipment.
Equipment used for cell assays and applications such as imaging, cell migration, apoptosis, chemotaxis, cytotoxicity, high-throughput screening, proliferation, cell count, wound healing, immunoflourescens, chemotaxis, angiogenesis and flow.
With a robust organisation of specialists, service technicians and supporters, Ramcon aids customers in a fast implementation of equipment within the lab, resulting in faster and better results.