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Corrosion testing - Kesternich (SO2) chambers picture

Corrosion testing - Kesternich (SO2) chambers

Virtually any VLM front loading test chamber designed to perform water condensation tests (CON) can be equipped with one of above gas dosing systems for performing Kesternich test in the SO2 environment.  User friendly and safe operation. VLM offers three types of systems performing Kesternich test and all Cabinets comply with these standards:  DIN EN ISO 6988, DIN 50018 and ASTM G 85

  • Wide range of test chambers for Kesternich test
  • VLM test chambers meet highest safety standards
  • Manually or electronically operated SO2 gas dosing
  • Compact design and steel construction of the test chamber
  • Micanite flat heaters for fast and uniform heating of the test chamber 
  • Permanently ventilated compartment with SO2 gas cylinders
  • High reproducibility of the test atmospheres
  • CWC system for controlled water condensation
  • Variable speed fan for the aeration phase for controlling the drying time of specimens