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Flow cytometry - MoFlo Astrios Cell Sorter picture

MoFlo Astrios Cell Sorter

Simplify your most complex sorting tasks with the Astrios EQ Series of high-speed flow cytometry sorters. The Astrios EQ and EQs deliver powerful sorting capability while reducing complexity.

Available with up to 7 spatially separated lasers and 51 parameters

  • Only cell sorter featuring six-way sorting
  • CyClone addon enables automatized deposition in 6-, 24-, 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates
  • Dual forward scatter (EQ) or single forward scatter (EQs) models available
  • Features a patented enhanced Forward Scatter (eFSC) technology
  • Features rapid analysis and sorting with acquisition rates of 100.000 particles/sec and 70.000 sorting decisions/sec.
  • Possible integration with the Baker Company Class II Biological Safety Cabinet for Class II laboratory compliance