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TRILUTION® provides a solution for customers using Windows 10 and offers a wide range of tools to help you utilize your liquid handler. Trilution is available in two options depending on what applications you want to use.

Trilution LH:
TRILUTION® LH is a comprehensive software package for seamless automation of all liquid handling (LH) and solid phase extraction (SPE) methods. With its intuitive interface, simple drag-and-drop method creation, and application simulation, it combines flexibility and ease of use. With the five E´s; efficient, effective, engaging, error tolerant and easy to learn, your user experience will be unmatched. The TRILUTION LH software allows for multiple applications ranging from basic liquid handling (dilution, kinetic reaction) to sample preparation (filtration, liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), or solid phase extraction (SPE)) on the same liquid handler.

Trilution LC:
TRILUTION® LC software is a user-friendly software package for controlling high-pressure liquid chromatography systems and automated liquid handling instruments. TRILUTION LC provides fraction collection capabilities, conditional logic collection, worry-free slope collection, accurate fraction simulation, graphical drag-and-drop user interface, and graphical sample tracking. The conditional logic collection capabilities allow you to optimize purification, reducing the number of fractions that are collected and that need to be reanalyzed.