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Ducom - Four ball testers

Comes in two versions: Floor model and Desktop model. 

Four Ball Tester (FBT-3) - Desktop model

Compact, powerful and robust. Complies with even the most demanding test standards.

The four-ball test is a fast, repeatable and an accurate way to test lubricants for their wear preventive, extreme pressure and frictional properties. With high levels of automation, the FBT-3 makes this test easy to run. Its simple interface hides powerful features and technologies.

A patented friction measurement system, automated scar prediction system and other features make four-ball testing more accurate and convenient than ever. 

 Four Ball Tester (TR-30 Series) - Floor model 


The original TR 30 Series was the first Four Ball Tester on the market that combined the robustness required for Extreme Pressure (EP) tests and the sensitivity required for Wear Preventive (EP) tests in a single machine. Our latest generation of this tester improves on its performance and accuracy.