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23. August 2023

LabDays 2023

Join us at LabDays at Aarhus Congress Center this September.

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19. April 2023

RAMCON acquires LabVision AB

We are pleased to announce the RAMCON acquisition of all LabVision AB´s associated activities as of April 14, 2023.

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2. December 2022

Save the Children corporate sponsorship 2022

RAMCON is once again supporting Save The Children with a corporate sponsorship.

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4. October 2022

DiaLabXpo 2022

Join RAMCON at this year´s DiaLabXpo in Herning on November 1-3 2022.

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29. June 2022

Management changes in RAMCON

RAMCON appoints Mai Clifford as new Sales and Marketing Director.

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7. June 2022

SCS Event 2022

Swedish Chemical Society Event 2022 in Linköping

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3. May 2022

RAMCON part of sustainable packaging pilot project

The University of Copenhagen and DiaLab form a common front for more sustainable laboratories.

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28. April 2022

Radleys - New Product Launch

New Product Launch - Reactor-Ready Filter Reactor

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21. April 2022

Elrig Exhibition 2022

Join us at Elrig Exhibition 2022

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7. April 2022

RAMCON appoints new CEO

RAMCON appoints Axel Sjöblad as CEO and Jesper Hardt as Chairman of the Board.

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1. April 2022

Join us at ESAC 2022

Come meet us at ESAC 2022 in Copenhagen, April 27th

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9. March 2022

Stockholm LabDays 2022

Join us at Stockholm LabDays 2022

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16. February 2022

New ISO17025 accreditation

New ISO17025 accreditation for RAMCON´s pipette service

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2. February 2022

RAMCON appoints new Managing Director

Learn more about the new Managing Director

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29. November 2021

RAMCON Case video: Nikon Center of Excellence

Learn more about the new center at University of Southern Denmark.

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24. November 2021

Save the Children corporate sponsorship 2021

This year we are once again supporting the work of Save The Children with a corporate sponsorship.

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3. November 2021

Beckman Coulter virtual Summit 2021

Did you miss the event? Presentations and panel discussions are now available on demand!

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29. September 2021

New Nikon Center of Excellence

Join us for the inaugural ceremony University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

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31. August 2021

XRF User Meeting & Course 2021

Join us for this exciting 2-day XRF event in Sept.

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26. August 2021

SCIEX 2021 Biopharma meeting

Welcome to the 2021 SCIEX Biopharma online meeting.

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23. August 2021

Sorption Science Symposium 2021

Join us for this online symposium by Surface Measurement Systems.

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25. August 2021

ESAC 2021

Visit the RAMCON stand at ESAC 2021 in Copenhagen!

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18. August 2021

Danish Biomek User Meeting 2021

It is our pleasure to invite you to our Danish Biomek User Meeting.

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19. August 2021

DiaLabXpo 2021

Join us for DiaLabXpo at Docken this September!

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29. June 2021

DVS Discovery: NEW Vapor Sorption instrument

Meet the DVS Discovery from Surface Measurement Systems.

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8. June 2021

Webinar by RAMCON partner Securecell

Webinar by RAMCON partner Securecell

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11. May 2021

Virtual event: CELL & GENE THERAPY 2021

Join us at the first ELRIG meeting for 2021; Cell & Gene Therapy 2021.

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27. January 2021

Welcome Cytosurge

Ramcon now offers unique single cell manipulation solutions from Cytosurge.

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4. January 2021

RAMCON now disbribute Beckman Coulter Clinical Diagnostics products

We are happy to announce that we now distribute clinical diagnostics solutions from Beckman Coulter in Denmark.

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24. November 2020

RAMCON supports Save the Children

This Christmas, RAMCON is once again supporting the important and noble work of Save The Children.

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13. August 2020

Join us for DiaLabXpo 2020

29. september - 1. oktober 2020 at MCH Messecenter Herning.

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17. June 2020

New supplier: Ducom Instruments

We are excited to announce that Ramcon has been appointed Nordic distributor by Ducom Instruments.

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17. April 2020

Latest NEWTON 7.0 system for in vivo

VILBER has recently launched its latest NEWTON 7.0 system for in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo imaging applications.

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24. March 2020

Covid-19 update

A few words on the Covid-19 situation from RAMCON CEO Jesper Hardt.

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2. December 2019

RAMCON acquires Pretech and Novakemi

We are pleased to announce the RAMCON acquisition of all Pretech Instruments and Novakemi activities as of December 1 2019.

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2. January 2019

Danish Biomek Users Meeting video

Video from our lastest Biomek Users Meeting at Rungstedgaard north of Copenhagen.

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8. April 2019

The Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer is here

Meet the new Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer from Beckman Coulter!

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1. November 2018

RAMCON acquires Svanholm.com

We are happy to announce the acquisition of all Svanholm.com activities.

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9. April 2019

RAMCON now offers Nanolive products

We are proud to announce Nanolive as our newest supplier!

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16. January 2019

New supplier at RAMCON

RAMCON now offers SETARAM products in all of the Nordic countries.

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27. February 2019

Flow Cytometry Best in Class

RAMCON has been awarded "Flow Cytometry Best in Class" at the recent Beckman Coulter Channel Partner meeting.

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1. August 2019

Join us at DiaLabXpo

Join us at DiaLabXpo in Copenhagen this September!

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7. June 2023

What to expect when visting the showtruck

What to expect when visting the showtruck

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9. May 2023

Beckman Coulter Rotor Selection Guide

Which ultracentrifuge rotor type is most efficient for your needs?

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28. February 2023

Testimonial: Nikon Metrology

Video testimonial: Nikon installation at Technical University of Denmark.

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16. December 2022

BioLector XT Microbioreactor App Note

Phototrophic cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in the BioLector XT microbioreactor

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25. January 2022

Testimonial: LVL Technologies

Learn how the University of Copenhagen utilizes sample storage from LVL Technologies.

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28. January 2022

Webinar: X-ray CT Solutions for Lithium-Ion Battery Production

Nikon Metrology is hosting a WEBINAR about X-ray CT Solutions for Lithium-Ion Battery Production.

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28. January 2022

Nikon CT case story: DTU

DTU Energy uses industrial CT to research the development of green energy solutions.

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28. March 2022

Setaram webinar invitation

Webinar invitation : How to test materials protection against corrosion?

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12. May 2022

IGC-SEA Week 2022

A week-long online celebration of Inverse Gas Chromatography.

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11. August 2021

Webinar by AYOXXA

Cytokine signatures in disease and therapeutic intervention.

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27. September 2021

Webinar: Resolving Challenges in Flow Cytometry

After becoming familiar with flow cytometry, the next topic to master is panel design.

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1. October 2021

Webinar from Nikon CT

X-ray CT for the Inspection of Medical Devices

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8. June 2021

Case: TestCenter Danmark - Statens Serum Institut

Learn how RAMCON took part in the establishment of TestCenter Danmark in this video.

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10. June 2021

Nikon CT webinar

X-ray CT for Battery Inspection

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17. June 2021

B Medical testimonial video

Testimonial video by B medical. learn the advantages of the blood bank refrigerator B51.

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18. June 2021

Webinar: Nikon Artificial Intelligence

We are excited to invite you to this Nikon Webinar Series dedicated to demonstrating Nikon’s Artificial Intelligence Modules (NIS.ai) role in modern-day image analysis.

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1. July 2021

Gilson TowerPack video

Quick, and easy refill system for Gilson® PIPETMAN® tips.

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8. April 2021

EVE Analytics from Nanolive

EVE Analytics - New quantification software from Nanolive.

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17. February 2021

Whtepaper: SuperNova Polymer Dyes

SuperNova v428: New Bright Polymer Dye for Flow Cytometry.

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11. June 2020

Rigaku application note

The measurement of iron in milk powder is demonstrated. The analysis is also used for measuring iron in similar food products such as cocoa powder and flour.

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16. June 2020

Vi-CELL BLU demonstration videos

A variety of Vi-CELL BLU virtual demonstration videos from Beckman Coulter.

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6. May 2019

7 questions before buying a liquid handler

7 questions to ask if you’re preparing to invest in a liquid handling workstation.

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3. October 2019

LS 13 320 XR customer testimonial

Testimonial by prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Habermann, University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, Department of Technology.

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15. October 2019

Online deconvolution from Nikon

Try the new online deconvolution tool from Nikon.

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6. March 2019

Nanolive stem cell application

Advancing stem cell research with Nanolive. Scientists can discover more about the behavior of stem cells with Nanolive’s 3D live cell microscope.

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7. August 2019

Setaram thermal analysis application

Thermal analysis such as gas adsorption on catalysts and adsorbents provide essential information on material properties.

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3. September 2019

Computed tomography with Nikon

3D chemical imaging in the laboratory by hyperspectral X-ray computed tomography.

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31. October 2019

Data bulletin - Analysis of nitrocellulose

Analysis of nitrocellulose with the UNICUBE® trace from Elementar

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31. October 2019

Data bulletin - CHN analysis with the Vario Macro cube

CHN analysis in coal and fly ash using the vario MACRO cube from Elementar.

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31. October 2019

Data bulletin - Pharmaceutical substances

Highly accurate CHNS analysis of pharmaceutical substances.

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18. October 2018

Benefits of workflow automation

Using an integrated workstation to automate repetitive processes such as manual pipetting can yield an array of advantages.

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6. November 2018

ELISA methods with Biomek workstations

The flexibility and versatility of the Biomek i-Series platform allows for the user to carry out all ELISA tasks.

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12. November 2018

Flow cytometry automation

Increasing the processivity of Flow Cytometry using the Biomek workstations.

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30. November 2017

Workflow Challenges Solved: Chr Hansen

Hear why and how scientist Martin Apel-Kistrup at Chr. Hansen decided to add automated liquid handling to his genomic sample prep workflows.

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4. April 2017

SMS Application Note 301

An overview of iGC SEA – A new Instrumental Technique for Characterising the Phyisco-chemical Properties of Pharmaceutical Materials.

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11. September 2023

Annual Material Characterization Day at Ramcon

We are delighted to invite you to an open house event the 27th and 28th of September 2023.

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17. August 2023

Danish Biomek User Meeting 2023

It is our pleasure to invite you to this year's Danish Biomek User Meeting in November.

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15. August 2023

Heidolph & RAMCON on tour in Denmark

Heidolph & RAMCON on tour with a showtruck

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7. June 2023

Heidolph & RAMCON on tour in Sweden

Heidolph & RAMCON on tour with a showtruck

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18. April 2023

Fermentation event at RAMCON

Join us for our event on optimization in fermentation and bioprocessing.

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17. April 2023

Invitation: Biomek Method Launcher Seminar

Join our Biomek Method Launcher seminar for Biomek pipetting robot users.

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23. March 2023

Invitation: Automation & NGS Seminar at RAMCON

RAMCON is hosting a semianr on NGS library prep automation

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27. February 2023

Liquid Handling Seminar at RAMCON

Liquid Handling Seminar at RAMCON

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3. February 2023

Nordic CE User Meeting 2023

RAMCON is excited to repeat the success of last year’s online Nordic User Meeting on capillary electrophoresis!

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17. October 2022

Invitation: RAMCON Material Characterization Day

Join us for our material charaterization open house and see a range of products!

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6. September 2022

Invitation: Biomek tips & tricks seminar 2

Due to high demand, we are hosting another Biomek tips & tricks seminar this year!

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24. February 2022

Biolector XT event at RAMCON and BioInnovation Institute

Learn more about high throughput micro fermentation of microorganisms with the Biolector XT.

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8. June 2020

Nordic Flow Cytometry Meeting 2020

Save the date! Join us and Beckman Coulter this fall for the biannual Nordic Flow Cytometry Meeting.

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27. May 2020

Danish Biomek User Meeting 2020

It is our pleasure to invite you to our Danish Biomek User Meeting this October.

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12. June 2023

Campaign - 5% discount on Gilson tips

Campaign - 5% discount on Gilson tips

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2. June 2023

Campaign - 10% discount on all safety cabinets

Campaign - 10% discount on all safety cabinets from CleanAir

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30. May 2023

Campaign - 25% Discount on new HPLC pump

Campaign - 25% Discount on new HPLC pump from Gilson

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27. October 2022

ibidi free Objective Heater

Receive a free Objective Heater when ordering a new Stage Top Incubator or a Heating System Slide/Dish – Silver Line before December 31, 2022.

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25. October 2022

Vilber imaging campaign 2022

Limited offer on selected products from VILBER!

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12. August 2022

Limited offer on BMG plate readers

Secure your new plate reader at a 15% discount.

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28. April 2022

Free Viability Dyes on-site demo

We now offer free demonstrations of our ViaKrome viability dyes!

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12. February 2021

Gilson pipette trade up

Trade-in your old pipettes for the latest Gilson PIPETMAN L

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1. December 2020

Pipette calibration

Calibrate your pipettes regularly with our service agreement.

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10. November 2020

Beckman Coulter & Spex - End of year campaign

Discounts an extended warranties on selected products from Beckman Coulter and SPEX SamplePrep.

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14. April 2020

A1 HD25 Confocal Campaign

Attractive price on the Nikon A1 HD25/A1R HD25 confocal microscope.

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1. November 2019

Material Characterization promotions 2019

Exciting campaigns and reduced pricing on demo instruments!

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2. December 2019

Centrifugation end of year campaign 2019

Discounts on Beckman Coulter centrifugation products.

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2. January 2020

Free trial period: Gilson Microman E pipette

Try out the Microman E pipette from Gilson at no charge.

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1. October 2019

ibidi Free Sample Program

Choose up to 3 ibidi products as a free sample.

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