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14. April 2020

A1 HD25 Confocal Campaign

Nikon Instruments have launched a special bundle campaign “Smarter than Ever” to promote the release of Artificial Intelligence NIS.ai. software.
Until 30 September 2020 we are able to offer a very unique and attractive pricing on the A1HD25 confocal microscope solution.

The Nikon A1 HD25/A1R HD25 confocal microscope is equipped with an industry-leading field of view of 25mm. The large field of view of the A1 HD25/A1R HD25 enables image acquisition of large samples in a single scan that reduces the acquisition times significantly. In combination with the Ti2-E inverted microscope, the Perfect Focus System (PFS) automatic focus maintaining mechanism can be used to get sharp and well-focused images during long time-lapse acquisitions. It continuously corrects focus drift over time even if reagents are added.

The Nikon “Smarter than Ever” bundle solution will combine the new developments within artificial intelligence software with the powerful A1 HD25 confocal imaging system that will allow you to segment structures in images via deep learning algorithms.

Contact for further information and quotations please contact RAMCON Sales Manager Christian Clement via christian.clement@ramcon.dk

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