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Whtepaper: SuperNova Polymer Dyes image

17. February 2021

Whtepaper: SuperNova Polymer Dyes

Introduction to SuperNova v428

SuperNova v428 is a new violet laser (405 nm)-excitable water-soluble polymer dye which shows exceptional brightness. This is attributed to its high extinction coefficient (~3 million Lmol-1 cm-1) and fluorescence quantum yield (~0.6) in phosphate buffer. Excitation maximum of this polymer is measured as 414 nm and its emission maximum is at 428 nm which can be detected using a 450/50 bandpass filter or equivalent in a flow cytometer.

SuperNova v428 dye is prepared by polymerization of water-soluble monomers which leads to formation of a highly conjugated fluorescent backbone. Capping is carried out on the polymer followed by activation using appropriate functionalities, resulting in polymer capable of conjugation to antibodies. These activated polymers conjugated to antibodies followed by purification using a standardized procedure.

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