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28. January 2022

Webinar: X-ray CT Solutions for Lithium-Ion Battery Production

X-ray CT for Solutions for Lithium-Ion Battery Production - Feb 3rd, 2022 - 2PM (14:00) CET

Are you facing operational challenges in your lithium-ion battery production?

Join our webinar and learn how innovative sample inspection solution using Nikon's X-ray CT equipment can help Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturers achieve these goals safely and inexpensively. Chris Price, Application Engineer in the EU team, will introduce X-ray CT Solutions for Lithium-Ion Battery Production :

  • Mass produce safer lithium-ion batteries (LiB), improve quality and lower manufacturing costs by discovering the power of non-destructive inspection using X-ray CT from Nikon Industrial Metrology.
  • Consumption of electric power is increasing dramatically as burning fossil fuels declines. In the battery sector, lithium-ion battery technology is undoubtedly centre stage. The cells are used in electric vehicles, for auxiliary power in aircraft and increasingly for storing renewable energy. They also power medical equipment, hand tools, motorised scooters, smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Safety is a prime concern, as a lithium-ion battery contains acidic, flammable electrolyte. Even a small internal defect can cause an explosion or fire and result in a serious incident. Yet the public expects more and more from this power source - faster charge times plus longer range and service life, all in a smaller, lighter form factor.
  • Understand why it is the ideal method for visualising and analysing internal lithium-ion battery defects at high speed in a mass production line.
    Find out how this innovative Quality 4.0 solution results in the best operational outcomes by optimising production and minimising after-sales recalls.

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