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Swiss Cytosurge AG has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing state-of-the-art nanotechnology and life sciences solutions since 2009, based on the patented FluidFM® technology. Their cutting-edge FluidFM BIO Series instrument is made for single cell experiments in biological and pharmaceutical research. It combines force microscopy with a selection of proprietary and unique hollow FluidFM probes with apertures as small as 300 nm. This enables the precise delivery of sub-picoliters of liquids into the nucleus or cytoplasm of single cells as well as the withdrawal through the probe’s microchannel. Single cells can also be efficiently and selectively isolated for further analysis or cloning. The FluidFM technology enables a range of cutting-edge experiments such as neuronal cell network patterning, multiplexed CRISPR gene editing, and unprecedented fast cell line development.

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