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RAMCON is once again supporting Save The Children with a corporate sponsorship.

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Management changes in RAMCON

RAMCON appoints Mai Clifford as new Sales and Marketing Director.


Dynamic Vapor Sorption & iGC SEA

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Dynamic Vapor Sorption, DVS from Surface Measurement Systems is an analysis instrument for measurement of sorption and desorption proporties of a sample.  

It is a gravimetric technic, a quantitative measurement of changes in mass, measuring how quick and how much a given solvent  ( water or organic) is absorbed or adsorbed in a sample. This is done by measuring a change in the mass of the sample at different concentrations of relative humidity, measured as function of time. iGC-SEA from Surface Measurement Systems is a Surface Energy Analyzer, using gas phase sorption technic to characterizing the physical- chemical surface properties of a product, such as powder, fibers, film, particles and semi-solid products.

DVS and iGC-SEA are used to measure drying/dehydration, amorphous content, Glass Transition temperature, diffusion/permeability, heat of sorption, polymer-solvent diffusion, porosity, surface area BET, surface energy, vapor pressure, density, Aw and much more. They are used in industries of ie. Food , Pharma and Plastic, in chemical industry, construction industry as well as in research.