Setaram installation at Luleå University of Technology

Learn more about the purchase and installation of the two cutting-edge thermal analysis instruments from Setaram at Luleå University of Technology.

Ramcon recently assisted Luleå University of Technology with the purchase and installation of the two cutting-edge thermal analysis instruments from Setaram, enhancing the high temperature analysis laboratory at the Division of Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering (MiMeR) and will be instrumental in advancing the research efforts.

The Swedish Luleå University of Technology is an institution with world-leading competence in several research areas. The scientific and artistic research and education are conducted in close collaboration with international, national and regional companies, public actors and leading universities. The Division of Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering (MiMer) at the university strive to be a national leader and an internationally recognized works with development of processes and products that contribute to sustainable development.

When building a new laboratory the process metallurgy group sought to add instruments enhancing the high temperature analysis, while supporting the green transition in the research area.

With a very specific and complex specification requirement list, the procurement team turned to the Themys and Themys H2 thermal analysis solutions from Setaram, and worked with Ramcon material characterization specialists throughout the instrument purchase and installation in the lab. the Setaram solution offers unique setups tailored our research compared to competitors, which was a significant motivator, along with a 100% compatibility with hydrogen and various wet gases, which is suitable for the new era of metallurgy.

Hesham Ahmed stats: “The highly sophisticated thermal analysis instruments from Setaram will be an important asset moving forward since the green transition is pushing us towards green hydrogen-based reduction metallurgy.”


When asked about their experience working with RAMCON so far, Hesham Ahmed shared: 'It has been good so far, although I joined the purchasing process rather late. Overall, I am satisfied and have high expectations for future collaborations. We are very excited to see the instrument up and running and start executing our experiments with it.

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Muhamed Mahmutovic

Product Specialist