RAMCON CSR Statement

RAMCON A/S’s social responsibility policies complies with the UN guidelines on human rights and business and the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles. These principles are consistent with RAMCON’s values and ensure a systematic approach to operationalization in business practice. The company’s social responsibility policies cover all four policy areas: environment, human rights, anti-corruption and employee relations. RAMCON has an active risk management focus on: optimization and streamlining of production processes and research to ensure protection of the environment; safe-keeping of human rights and anti-corruption by carefully selecting appropriate suppliers across the world, who comply to the UN guidelines and the UN Global Compact as well as relevant ISO-standards and finally by offering attractive and safe employments.

RAMCON also has a three-fold bottom line strategy, which focuses on a social, environmental and economic bottom line. By acknowledging that people, society and the environment has a long-term impact on sustainable growth, RAMCON acknowledges its responsibility and needed efforts for a long-term success.

Therefore, the CSR efforts are part of RAMCON’s business strategy and the responsibility of the implementation is based at functional level to ensure an effective integration of procedures and processes. Due to this focus, RAMCON has identified potential risks, which can prevent the company from reaching its goals and potential areas of action, which can contribute to business performance. These risks are identified from a value analysis, which forms the basis for the systematic selection of relevant areas of action. By integrating RAMCON’s social responsibility policies into relevant procedures and processes in day-to-day operations, RAMCON uses a proactive and systematic approach, which is characteristic for RAMCON’s business model.

RAMCON is a member of the Danish Trade Association DiaLab and is aligned with their code of conduct (https://www.dialab.dk/en/)