Ramcon's mission is to be a trusted contributor to a sustainable world by incorporating environmental, social, and financial responsibility into everything we do.

We acknowledge that people, societies, and the environment play a crucial role in continuous and sustainable development. Ramcon strives to make a positive difference by focusing on three key areas:

Sustainable Culture (People): We are dedicated to creating a work culture based on respect, diversity and inclusion. Our employees are the core of our success, and we invest in their well-being and development.

Sustainable Solutions (Products & Solutions): Through collaboration and dialogue with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we aim to deliver sustainable solutions. Our goal is to contribute positively to society through a continuous focus on making improvements that reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainable Business (Business): We believe that a healthy and forward-thinking business is linked to social and environmental responsibility. Our UN Sustainable Development Goals, ISO certifications and CSR policies are essential tools that guide us towards our ambition to become carbon-neutral.

Ramcon supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has identified four key goals that are at the heart of our business and that we continuously develop:

Gender Equality: Ramcon does not accept gender discrimination, wherever it occurs. We value the strength of diversity and respect differences.

We ensure that all employees have equal rights and opportunities in their work and career paths, regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or disability. We continuously work to be a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees, regardless of gender, are remunerated equally based on their qualifications, responsibilities, and the nature of their tasks.

Sustainable Energy: At Ramcon, we reduce our CO2 footprint by using renewable energy sources where possible and by constantly focusing on reducing our overall energy consumption.

Responsible Consumption and Production: We aim to improve our environmental impact. Ramcon has a triple bottom line strategy focusing on social, environmental, and economic aspects. Through collaboration and dialogue with our suppliers, we continuously seek to positively influence the development and improvement of all phases of supply chains. We embrace the challenge of making increasingly sustainable choices, and we are ambitious in challenging the status quo together with our suppliers and other stakeholders to promote a circular mindset.
We strive to have the most accurate amount of products in stock and never burn or destroy unsold goods.

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions: With our CSR policy, we adhere to the UN's guidelines for human rights and business and the UN Global Compact's 10 principles. These principles are in line with Ramcon's values and ensure a systematic approach to operationalizing them in our business practices. Ramcon's CSR policy covers all four policy areas: environment, human rights, anti-corruption, and employee relations.

Ramcon strives to contribute to a more sustainable society, and we encourage our stakeholders to participate in the journey towards a more responsible and sustainable future.

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