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Water baths & slide warmers

Slee offers a reliable and safe solution for every laboratory and for all requirements. The devices are available as combination or as a single device.


Slidetec Water / Heat
The Slidetec Water / Heat water bath & slide warmer combination is designed for stretching paraffin sections and subsequent drying of the sections on slides in histology laboratories.

Slidetec Heat
The Slidetec Heat slide warmer is designed for drying slides after the transfer of stretched paraffin sections in histology laboratories. The extremely robust aluminum surface withstands even rough everyday laboratory use and scores with a scratch-resistant surface.

Slidetec Water
The Slidetec Water water bath is designed for stretching paraffin sections in histology laboratories. The removable glass tray is easy to clean. The black heating tray and the integrated water bath illumination provide excellent contrast for optimal detection of sections on the water surface.

Slidetec Water S
The paraffin stretching bath Slidetec Water S is a specialized bath for histological, pathological, clinical and bacteriological laboratories for stretching and drying cut tissue samples.