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The content of total organic carbon (TOC) in liquid and solid samples is one of the most important screening parameter in water and environmental analysis. Whether you look at the evaluation of water quality or at the recycling of residues – there is no way around TOC. The products for TOC and water analysis offer fast and easy determination of total organic carbon in water and solids. The robust design guarantees highest possible uptime for routine operation. In addition, the instruments can determine parameters like total inorganic carbon (TIC), non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) and residual oxidizable carbon (ROC) as well as total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP).

The acquray instrument digests samples using an oxidation process based on persulphate supported by UV radiation. The range of measurements available can be extended by attaching extra modules. These modules include determination of TOC, residual oxidizable carbon (ROC) and total inorganic carbon (TIC) in solids, total nitrogen (TN) in liquids and total phosphorus (TP) in liquids. Parameters: ROC, TC, TIC, TIC900, TN, TOC, TOC400, TP.

This instrument is the workhorse for environmental and wastewater analysis. Samples are combusted at temperatures up do 1200 ℃. The instrument can change between liquid and solid mode for full sample flexibility. Nitrogen determination is offered with CLD or ECD. Parameters: NPOC, DOC, TOC, TIC, TC, TNb.

vario TOC cube
This is the instrument for determination of low concentrations even down to the low ppb range due to the stable furnace and the highly sensitive IR detectors. Combined with the SALTTRAP for salt containing samples it is suitable for a wide range of samples. For nitrogen also CLD and ECD detection are available. Parameters: NPOC, DOC, TOC, TIC, TC, TNb.

Soli TOC cube
The soli TOC cube is focused on determination of TOC and TN is solid samples like soil and waste. A furnace offering a precise and adjustable temperature with fast heating rates makes it possible to separate carbon fractions like ROC, TOC400 and TIC900. Parameters: ROC, TOC, TOC400, TIC, TIC900, TC, TN.

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