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Nikon Microscope Cameras

Nikon has a diverse camera and controller lineup, enabling researchers to configure a microscope imaging system that’s ideal for their specimens and applications.

Nikon's trademark photographic expertise extends to a series of digital microscope camera systems optimized for microscopy-based applications. The product line covers a variety of applications, from biological to institutional use, and from high-level research to simple capture of inspection results.

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Product line includes:

Digital Sight 50M
60.0-megapixel, high-definition, cooled monochrome camera that combines large field of view and fast frame rates.

Digital Sight 10
High resolution of 6K and switching color and monochrome capture with a single camera, also features a high frame rate for fast focusing on high-definition images.

Digital Sight 1000
2.0-megapixel color camera offering Full-HD images, fast live display and simple measurement, without a PC.

5.9-megapixel color camera offering low-noise, high-resolution imaging, fast live display and exceptional color reproduction.