Stereo Microscopes

Supplier Nikon

Nikon offers a full range of stereo microscopes of both parallel optical path and Greenough design to suit diverse inspection and measurement tasks. The top-of-the-range SMZ25 instrument boasts the largest available stereo microscope magnification zoom ratio of 25:1, far exceeding that of any other model available globally.

SMZ25 and SMZ18
The SMZ25 and SMZ18 stereo microscope zoom series offers outstanding image quality for both user observation and digital camera capture throughout the full magnification range.

SMZ1270i and SMZ1270
The SMZ1270 series exceeds the standard imaging requirements when studying features on minute objects. It is especially suitable for materials science, industrial manufacturing applications and in-line process control functions.

By expanding the magnification to an 8:1 zoom ratio (1x-8x), the SMZ800N provides ease of use and high definition imaging essential for electronic component inspection and failure analysis.

SMZ745T and SMZ745
The high zoom magnification range of 7.5:1 and super-long working distance of 115mm show why both the SMZ745T and SMZ745 stereo microscopes are so well suited to materials research and production line applications.

SMZ445 and SMZ460
The SMZ445 and SMZ460 are ideal for production quality control functions for both routine and critical applications, for failure analysis to determine and predict modes of failure and to verify solutions.

The long established SMZ-2 model has been available since 1961. With a high and parfocal zoom range of 5:1 and circular disk zoom control ring, it remains a superb instrument.

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Supplier Nikon
Supplier Nikon