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X-ray fluorescence - ZSX Primus IVi picture

Rigaku - ZSX Primus IVi

X-ray analysis of liquids, alloys, and plated metals

The tube-below high-performance model enables uncompromised analysis of samples such as liquids, alloys, and plated metals. Providing superior performance with the flexibility for analyzing the most complex samples, the ZSX Primus IV𝒾 WDXRF spectrometer features a 30 micron Be tube window, the thinnest standard tube window in the industry, for exceptional light element (low-Z) detection limits.

Improved throughput
Improved mechanics minimize the analysis dead time. For example, a 16-element sequential quantitative measurement time improved from 348 seconds to 287 seconds, representing an 18% increase in efficiency. 

Point/mapping analysis
Equipped with a high-resolution camera that allows the user to zoom in on small features for proper identification and analysis. Enables accurate analysis by eliminating differences in sensitivity caused by measurement placement. Superior design uses the hot-spot of the tube to maximize intensity/sensitivity.


  • ZSX Guidance software
  • Intuitive software programmable for everyday analysis using sample trays
  • Improved accuracy of liquid sample analysis
  • High-speed, high-precision measurements
  • Unique functionality - the tube-below optics enables convenient functionality, including new sample film corrections