Inorganic Analysis

Leverantör Elementar

The elemental composition of a material determines its properties. Elemental analysis is therefore essential for the characterization and quality control of materials that need to meet certain requirements. The user-friendly inductar series using the high-temperature combustion method to determine elemental concentrations of carbon, sulphur, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen is the ideal solution for R&D, routine, and high-throughput laboratories dealing with cement, ceramics, minerals, steel and metals.

inductar CS cube
This instrument for determination of carbon and sulphur offers user-friendly unattended operation with minimum maintenance without any cleaning with vacuum cleaner being necessary. The long-life solid-state high-frequency induction furnace makes exchange of aging oscillator tubes obsolete.

inductar ONH cube
The revolutionary solid-state induction furnace makes analysis of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen technologically possible using induction heating, leading to reduced maintenance without any vacuum cleaner needed. Unattended operation is possible with the optional 23 position sample loader.

inductar EL cube
This instrument makes it possible to combine analysis of carbon and sulphur as well as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in one instrument.

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Leverantör Elementar
Leverantör Elementar
Leverantör Elementar