Blood Processing Equipment

Leverantör Fresenius Kabi

- CompoDock®
- CompoGuard®
- CompoMat® G5 Plus
- CompoSeal Mobilea II

Sterile connection of medical PVC tubing

Characteristics of CompoDock® are:
• It connects needs for quality, reliability and easy handling with the state of the art in sterile connection of medical PVC tubing
• It is a patented technique and enables you to make sterile connections without wafers
• It operates within a fully controlled sterile connecting process
• Enable the highly efficient chain pooling method for pooling of buffy coats
• Offers automatic documentation of the sterile connection process in terms of GMP, via DockMaster Net

Combining safety and efficiency in whole blood donation

• Comfortable working condition
• Donor engagement for better donation results
• Safety clamp for reliable tube fixation
• Optimal donation supervision
• Optimal equipped for mobile donations
Available models:
• CompoGuard® Basic
• CompoGuard® Data
• CompoGuard® Complete

Automatic blood component processing system. The new generation of automated blood component separator including processing of CompoFlow blood bag systems

Major benefits of CompoMat® G5 are:
• Reduces risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain injuries) and haemolysis by automatic opening of the new bag closure CompoFlow
• Maximizes efficiency and plasma yield by automated air removal and weighing of plasma bag in a single step
• Shortens separation time by simultaneous processing of program steps
• Optimal standardization due to sensor controlled priming of program steps
• Innovative technological platform
• Compomat® G4 and CompoMaster® Net contribute to production according to GMP guidelines

New technology for portable and safe sealing

The Lithium Polymer battery realises a high sealing performance and offers a portable light weight battery. Mobilea II is therefore designed for mobile sealing in donation teams or at processing departments.'

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Leverantör Fresenius Kabi
Leverantör Fresenius Kabi
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