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Sample preparation - 5120 Mixer/Mill® picture

Spex - 5120 Mixer/Mill®

The 5120 Mixer/Mill or Mini Mixer/Mill is a compact mill designed for small-scale sample preparation. Like its bigger counterparts 8000 Mixer/Mill it is ideal for pulverizing the toughest rocks, mineral, cement and ceramics. Rapidly reducing samples to analytical fineness; blending powders; and making emulsions. Finely grinding the sample increases the surface area to improve acid dissolution for ICP, and pellet pressing or fusion bead for XRF.

  • Interchangeable sample vial holders for agate, steel, and tungsten carbide vials.
  • High-intensity oscillating motion mills samples in seconds.
  • Programmable control panel includes rate, run time and pause functions.
  • Four speeds over the 750-3500 RPM range for slow-speed mixing to high-speed milling for tough samples.
  • Safety interlock stops the motor if the lid is opened during the homogenization process.
  • Clear lid for viewing the sample milling process
  • Can be operated remotely with a portable battery pack.


Typical applications: Mechanical alloying, Nanomilling, slurry grinding, blending powders, mixing emulsions and mechanochemistry.

Typical samples include: Rocks, Minerals, Sand, Cement, Slag, Ceramics, Catalyst Supports, Glass, Pharmaceuticals, Plant Tissue, Animal Tissues, Cannabis, Seeds, Paints and Inks.