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Apheresis, platelet and red blood cell (RBC) collection devices and therapeutic apheresis applications. Our supplier Fresenius Kabi has expertise and innovation to meet your needs with their solutions. With more than 60 years of experience in transfusion devices, they are experts in safe, efficient and convenient blood processing. Their development engineers work continually on new methods to shorten separation cycles and increase the quality of the blood products obtained. Their excellent reputation has made them a market leader on the transfusion technology market. Innovation, however, is an ongoing process: Fresenius Kabi is driven by the continuous search for new procedures to improve blood processing. In this context it is essential to increase safety, comfort, efficiency and the quality of blood transfusion.

Amicus Brochure

Amicus Separator provides cell separation to optimize blood component collection and perform therapeutic procedures. Amicus is designed to make it easy to tailor procedures for Platelet Collections, Mononuclear Cell Collections,Therapeutic Plasma Exchange and Red Blood Cell Exchange.
Major benefits of the Amicus Separator – Platelets
• High collection effi ciency allows collection of multiple platelet doses from one donation
• Positive donor experience with saline infusion, numerical control of draw and return rates, regulation of citrate return, built-in pressure cuff and platelet post-count calculation to ensure donor comfort and safety
• Automated addition of Platelet Additive Solution (PAS)
• Platelets are process leukoreduced: auto-elutriation provides automatic leukoreduction, without use of fi lters
• The product options calculator is designed to facilitate the product selection process and tailor each procedure to each donor
• Disposable kits are sterilized using irradiation to avoid risk of exposure to residual ethylene oxide
• Choice of disposable kit confi gurations where available:
- Single or double needle
- Closed system with integrated solutions or functionally closed
- Correct Connect system to comply with ISO/FDIS 18250-8
- Integrated bacterial sampling system

Amicus Blue brochure

The Amicus ECP System includes the Phelix Photoactivation Device to provide extracorporeal photoimmunotherapy, using a single-use disposable kit within an on line, closed .system. The ECP system is indicated for the palliative treatment of the skin manifestations of cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma (CTCL) that is unresponsive to other forms of treatment.

Aurora Brochure

An automated plasma collection system designed to help improve plasma center efficiency, provide easy, accurate data collection, and ensure donor safety and comfort. Aurora’s interactive touch screen displayand computerized intelligence means more streamlined procedures.
Major benefits of the Aurora Plasmapheresis System:
• Unique spinning membrane in combination with fi ltration technology enables the collection of low cell count plasma
• Low extracorporeal volume (200 mL) minimizes the risk of adverse reaction
• Interactive touch screen facilities troubleshooting and improves procedure data access
• Adaptive vein control for donor comfort is designed to more consistently maximize fl ow rate without exceeding vein capacity
• Modern design includes a new donor display with collection status and improved squeeze prompts
• SMARTCONNECT and SpikeSmart systems minimize the risk of mis-spiking solutions
• Disposable sets sterilized using irradiation to avoid risk of exposure to residual ethylene oxide
• Confi gurable AC ratio for use of Sodium Citrate and ACD-A anticoagulant solutions
• Remote procedure setup via DXT Relay means less waiting by donor to begin procedure

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AmiCORE TriVision Fact Sheet

AmiCORE SmartRoute Fact Sheet

AmiCORE Apheresis System provides a new level of platelet collection. AmiCORE Apheresis Sytem is SIMPLE and SMART
MajorMajor benefits of the AmiCORE Apheresis System:
• Innovative design helps to simplify each step of the platelet collection process, allowing operators more time to focus on donors
• AmiCORE provides precise optical monitoring to enhance separation
• Enhanced donor management tools provide blood centers with the flexibility to customize the platelet collection procedure to target a wide range of donors
• Automated addition of Platelet Additive Solution (PAS) and concurrent plasma collection