Liquid Handling Seminar

Liquid Handling Seminar at RAMCON Stockholm office

RAMCON is pleased to welcome you to the Sollentuna (Stockholm) office for an afternoon filled with valuable and technical knowledge about pipettes, tips, pipette calibration and pipetting robots. This event is for everyone that works with or are interested in learning more about the latest news in liquid handling and pipette calibration. The program is divided into three main topics containing practical workshops and demonstrations:

Manual liquid handling: 
In this section we will cover how to choose and combine the correct pipette and tip setup for specific applications.

Pipette calibration: 
How do we know if our pipette shows the correct volume?  In this section we will showcase the importance of calibration and service of your pipettes for optimal reliability and results.

Automated liquid handling: 
In this section we will introduce our PipetMax pipetting robot, and display the advantages of utilizing pipetting robots to increase the reproducibility and pace of your experiments.

After the scheduled program there is plenty of room to mingle, ask further questions and discuss in more detail your application and relevant laboratory equipment with our product specialists and calibration technician.

Date & time: March 28 2023 at 13:00-15:00. Exhibition follows
RAMCON office - Sollentunavägen 128, 19144

Our office is just a 5 min walk from the train station. Parking is available just outside the office and traditional Swedish fika, coffee and tea will be offered.

Registration deadline is passed. 

Elizabeth Lavalier

Product Specialist