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About us

The company was established in 1988, and is today a modern company with more than 80 employees in sales, support and service. We focus on these three core areas, and we target the Industrial, Medical, Chemical and Life Science market in the Nordic countries. RAMCON currently have 4 offices placed in Birkeröd, Vejle, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Ramcon is a focused distributor with a robust organisation with a high level of professionalism. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and consist of competent and well educated employees. Our strength is to know our customers' needs as well as a vast knowledge of the Industrial, Medical, Chemical and Life Science market. Ramcon constantly strives to be an organisation characterised by a positive social atmosphere. We value integrity and respect for colleagues, customers and partners very highly. We invest in people as the primary marketing resource and offer a high level of service and support to our customers. It is the company's strategy to build good and lasting customer relations.

ISO certifications
Ramcon holds ISO certifications 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. The certifications documents our ability to accommodate the needs of customers and stakeholders through quality and ongoing improvements, as well as our work to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our mission

Ramcon’s business is to sell, support and service instruments, systems and reagents to Industrial, Medical, Chemical and Life Science customers in the Nordic countries.

Ramcon’s mission is to ensure that our customers get better results faster by combining  products and solutions from global suppliers with local knowledge and expertise. 

Our values



Here at Ramcon the most important thing is the close relationship we form with our customers. Our employees are highly educated and experienced within their respective fields, so being a customer with us is more than just purchasing lab equipment. With us it is about solving problems and facing challenges in your lab, and we are ready with assistance in instrument setup and installation, user training, service and maintenance, just as we are ready if any issues should occur. Being solution-oriented and to deliver as promised is the top priority when working with our stakeholders.



Robustness is a key factor in the Ramcon organization. We have a robust number of employees in each business area, to ensure that we are able to accommodate the current and the future workload and to maintain local knowledge and the close relation with our customers. Structure and process are Alpha and Omega in Ramcon. Our IT solutions have been tailored to our needs, and geared for further development in order to keep up with our future growth. The high quality of our products, services and our organization are constantly being reviewed through our quality management system and our employees undergo several annual internal and external audits.   


Work environment

We believe that a good work-Life balance is central to the well-being of an individual and their ability to perform, and therefore Ramcon employees largely manage their own time, which gives room for the person behind the work title. Being an international organization with stakeholders from all over the world, diversity within our ranks is important, and our employees come with many different educational backgrounds and areas of expertise. This is why the social aspect in our work environment also is a priority. We believe that emphasizing the importance of good communication, tolerance and respecting diversities contributes to an elevated sense of team spirit and an environment where we pull together.   



The skill and competence of our employees with their respective fields are an important value at Ramcon. We are all solution-oriented and possess a large amount of drive. It is our job to remain curios about the businesses, work areas and applications of our customers, to ensure a professional and thorough requirement analysis when purchasing a lab solution at Ramcon.



Our vision is to work in an environmental friendly manner in order to minimize our environmental footprint.

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