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PIPETMAN DIAMOND® tips are designed to fit your PIPETMAN perfectly. Only by using PIPETMAN DIAMOND tips in conjunction with your Gilson pipette can you guarantee the maximum accuracy and precision. Your needs, budget and tip consumption vary according to your specific research activity. The tips are made of the highest grade material within a fully traceable, clean room environment, ensuring they offer low retention and are free of contaminates that can alter your experiments. From mould to bench, they are guaranteed, certified and traceable to meet the most stringent demands in many applications.

The PIPETMAN Filter Tips offering total protection against aerosol contamination and Sterilised PIPETMAN Tips, which are gamma irradiated and certified free of DNA, RNA, RNases, DNases, ATP proteases and
trace metals. 

Sterile Filter DIAMOND Tips - Help Prevent Contamination. Gilson DIAMOND Filter Tips play a critical role in preventing aerosol-borne contamination. A high-density polyethylene filter stops particles down to 1µm, providing an effective barrier against aerosols. DIAMOND Filter Tips are designed to meet the most stringent demands in various fields and applications such as PCR, molecular biology and cell technology.

Sterilized filter tips are certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, RNA and Protease. DIAMOND filter tips are designed, developed, and manufactured in order to fit Gilson pipettes perfectly. They ensure optimal performance of your PIPETMAN pipette across the full volume range.

Blister Refill DIAMOND Tips. Pure Performance Tips for PIPETMAN & PIPETMAX!

The smartest way to refill your empty TIPACK box & Reload block. Racks are individually wrapped to ensure the best cleanness and to facilitate rack handling. Use 45% less plastic than a regular rack box. Racks are fully autoclavable. The racks are colour-coded to differentiate tip models and indicate the compatible Gilson pipette models.

NB* Empty racks are required to use this tip format. The racks are reusable and need only be ordered once.

Manufactured by Gilson™. Gilson™ Filter for P5000 and P10mL Tips are guaranteed to deliver value and assure reliability and precision. 100 filter/pack.

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