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Get the accuracy and precision you need for trusted results with VERITY® purification systems. Whether you isolate large or small molecules or need milligram to kilogram purifications, the VERITY systems offer you a wide array of components to build the perfect system to meet your specific needs. All systems are easily controlled by intuitive software, letting you focus on the science. Backed by Gilson’s long history in chromatography, you are reassured that VERITY solutions are built to last and will make your life in the lab easier.

Safe, Flexible, and Powerful Industrial-Scale Purification
The VERITY® CPC Process system performs silica-free chromatography for process-scale purification. It includes a newly designed rotor with a capacity range of 1 to 5 liters when combined with the VERITY® SKID. This is the solution for annually processing tons of sample with higher resolution and the best return on investment.

Verity CPC:
Centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC), also known as counter current chromatography, uses two non-miscible liquid phases rather than solid stationary support to prompt the separation of analytes in a sample. The process system is easy-to-use and has broad applicability across natural extract, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. It allows for automated stack injections, and a preset list of methods for automated production. The system also features automatic valves for ascending and descending modes, which allows for safer and easier use with dual rinsing and dual mode.

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Supplier Gilson
Supplier Gilson