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BMG - CLARIOstar Plus

The most flexible Plate Reader for Assay Development
The CLARIOstar Plus is a multi-mode microplate reader with advanced LVF Monochromators™, highly sensitive filters, and an ultra-fast UV/vis spectrometer. The Enhanced Dynamic Range and automatic focus technologies make manual settings superfluous and detection optimization easier than ever.

Atmospheric Control Unit, temperature incubation, multiple shaking, well scan and reagent injectors make the CLARIOstar Plus the ideal platform for any live cell-based assay.


  • Innovative monochromators for increased sensitivity
  • Fully-flexible wavelengths and bandwidths
  • Spectral scanning in ABS, FI and LUM
  • Largest dynamic range with no manual intervention
  • Rapid full-plate autofocus
  • Dedicated features for live cell-based assays 
  • Ultra-fast data sampling (100 measurements/second)
  • Dedicated laser for Alpha Technology