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Perfect for cell culture work
MACROMAN is a portable, lightweight, and ergonomic pipette designed for precise and quick pipetting and dispensing of liquid. Equipped with a glass or plastic serological pipette, it allows liquid transfer from a container to another vessel from 0.1 to 100 mL.

- Side stand: unique feature that keeps the MACROMAN slightly elevated when laid down so that liquid doesn’t seep into the pipette when serological pipette is attached.
- LCD screen: information about battery and the aspiration/dispense speed
- Charging desk stand for best storage
- Lithium-Ion battery: modern, longer use and reduced charging time.
- Two distribution modes: distribution speed adapts to the need of the scientist.
- MACROMAN also offers a drop-by-drop option.
- Optimum speed control: aspiration and dispense volume can be set up with both pressure sensitive trigger and thumbwheel while pipetting.

- Convenient with new features and side stand.
- Accurate pipetting control with pipetting speed information on the screen, two distribution modes, and two large buttons for aspirating and dispensing.