10% Discount on all safety cabinets

The CleanAir solutions are now available at a 10% discount!

The CleanAir products and solutions are perfect for all your laboratory work that require protection. The solutions are now available at a 10% discount and the discount applies to all customers, including contract customers obtained through procurement.

The safety cabinets offer optimum protection for product, user and environment in places where substances with biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3 and 4 (special) are used. The cabinets meets the highest requirements, in terms of quality, noise, reliability and ergonomics. The special pre-filter setup prolongs the usage of the expensive HEPA-filter which, together with the low energy consumption, results in the lowest service and running cost on the market. 

Catharina Jakobsson

Sales Manager

  • Work area: Sales & Application
  • Special area: Analysis & Lab Equipment, Cell Solutions, Automation
  • Phone +46 72 092 79 57
  • Email: cj@ramcon.se