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The CESI 8000 Plus ESI-MS system offers a revolutionary approach to discovering previously undetectable characteristics from the minutest amount of precious samples, faster than ever before. Whether utilizing the CESI 8000 Plus as a standalone capillary electrophoresis instrument or in conjunction with the power of mass spectrometry, the system allows you to concentrate on the science rather than the technology.

You've worked hard to get your sample this far. Get the most from that precious material and hunt down the hidden information you couldn't see before:

  • Proteoforms & peptide PTMs such as those with multiple phosphorylation sites
  • Intact mAb charge variants with online MS detection
  • Native protein conformation and interactions under native conditions
  • Isobaric metabolites and glycans not resolved by traditional techniques
  • Challenging charged & polar metabolites/degradation products such as anionic and/or hydrophilic analytes

Measurements of highly charged analytes pose considerable challenges to current technologies. CESI is the method of choice for highresolution separation of polar metabolites, peptides and proteins rich in particular post-translational modifications (such as glycosylation,
citrullination, methylation, and phosphorylation).

CESI technology integrates capillary electrophoresis (CE) with electrospray ionization (ESI) into a single dynamic process within the same device.

CESI-MS is particularly valuable for precious samples such as subcellular fractions, microdialysates,
CSF, murine samples, CTCs, needle biopsies and FFPE archives, or highly toxic samples such as ADCs and

Multiple experiments in the time of one, with <1 µL sample injected.

In CESI-MS mode, the CESI 8000 Plus can be connected to a variety of MS brands and models. In stand-alone CE mode, UV/VIS, PDA, or LIF detection can be selected. This allows for the analysis of biologics using our CE-SDS, cIEF and glycan chemistries.

Height: 29.2 in (74.2 cm)
Door Open: 38.8 in (98.6 cm)
Width: 25 in (63.5 cm)
Depth: 28.4 in (72.1 cm)

Weight (uncrated)
188 lbs (85.3 kg)
Electrical requirements:
Voltage: 100 - 240 V; 50/60 Hz

Sample trays
2 x 48 CESI vials/0.3 mL microvials

Sample temperature adjustment sange
4 - 60° C

Capillary temperature adjustment range
15 - 30° C

Pressure delivery range
-5 to +100 psi

Minimum required sample volume
50 µL when using microvials
5 µL when using nanoVials

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