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LabDays 2023

Join us at LabDays at Aarhus Congress Center this September.

RAMCON acquires LabVision AB

We are pleased to announce the RAMCON acquisition of all LabVision AB´s associated activities as of April 14, 2023.

Save the Children corporate sponsorship 2022

RAMCON is once again supporting Save The Children with a corporate sponsorship.


Extraction Systems

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Solid phase extraction (SPE) has become the technique of choice for sample clean-up and trace enrichment. Some of the benefits of performing SPE are: versatility, selectivity, speed, and low solvent usage. Manual SPE procedures can be labor intensive, and subject to resultant human error, delays, and sample loss. These problems have led to the development of instruments by Gilson to automate the process. The Gilson line of automated SPE instruments includes: GX-241 ASPEC™, GX-271 ASPEC™, and GX-274 ASPEC™, but Gilson’s flexible disposable extraction cartridge (DEC) racks allow any Gilson liquid handling system containing a syringe pump to perform SPE techniques. The Gilson SPE instruments are designed for the automation and optimization of SPE, in order to provide more efficient and reproducible sample preparation, in addition to on-line injection.