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Tube adapters

Achieve excellent endpoint results in less time by culturing and centrifuging in the same flask with innovative Cell Culture Flask Adapters. Streamline your cell culture process, save valuable time and reduce potential for contamination with cell culture flask adapters.

  • Applicable for various types of cell cultures (adherent, suspension, hybridoma, primary cells)
  • Durable single-piece elastomeric (EPDM) adapters withstand bioresearch lab demands
  • Filled flasks easily inserted/extracted from cell culture flask adapters
  • Centrifuge T-75† (75 cm² area) or T-25† (25 cm² area) cell culture flasks with Allegra X-14, Allegra X-15R and Allegra X-12 centrifuges using SX4750 and SX4750A rotors