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Elementar - N/Protein Analysis

The determination of the total protein content is an essential tool for quality control and protein declaration according to international labelling laws in the food & feed industry and research facilities. Since the protein content can directly correspond to product properties, highly precise, matrix-independent protein analyses are required in all application areas. The N/protein analysers use the high-temperature combustion method according to Dumas, which has clear advantages over Kjeldahl regarding laboratory safety, sample throughput, labour time, amount of chemical waste and thus cost-per-analysis.

rapid N exceed
rapid N exceed is the instrument that offers fast and cost-effective analysis of nitrogen and protein. Since one analysis takes only 3- 4 minutes, up to 300 samples can be analysed per day. Plug-and-play pre-filled tubes makes maintenance easy and saves additional time.

rapid MAX N exceed
For analysis of larger sample amounts with the Dumas method, rapid MAX N exceed is ideal with its upright crucible system. The crucible can handle both solid and liquid samples like e.g. meat, flour, mayonnaise, yogurt, milk and juice.