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Elementar - Organic Elemental Analysis

Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur are the basic elements of living nature. Their quantitative determination in the most versatile combinations of substances is the origin and essence of the Elementar product portfolio. The vario group of instruments has a broad range of applications, including chemical industry, chemistry research, pharma, fuels, biofuels, petroleum products and much more.

This micro analyzer offers low operating costs and high sensitivity for simultaneous analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulphur content. The measurement range covers both solid and liquid samples, including chemicals, oils and soils. Analysis of oxygen and chlorine can be added. The clever design provides a system with maximum uptime thanks to its low maintenance.

vario EL cube
This elemental analyzer provides highest performance and versatility in elemental analysis. Simultaneous carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulphur analysis can be combined with analysis of oxygen and chlorine. The innovative design gives an instrument with low-maintenance and that is optimized for unattended operation and maximum system uptime.

vario MACRO cube
This is the macro elemental analyzer for simultaneous carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulphur analysis. The instrument is suitable for a wide range of samples including liquid fuels, coal, coke and soil.

vario MAX cube
The vario MAX cube is designed for carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur determination in organic samples up to 5 g. It is optimal for laboratories facing large sample weights, a variety of sample types and significant ash content. The crucible sample handling system provides automated sample feeding and ash removal and leads to a minimum of sample preparation and maximum sample throughput.

rapid CS cube
This instrument offers fast and precise analysis of carbon and sulphur in a wide range of solid and liquid samples including coal, soil and waste. The customized IR detector provides high sensitivity and a wide measurement range.

rapid OXY cube
rapid OXY cube is the instrument dedicated to oxygen analysis by pyrolysis. The sensitive and linear IR detector offers makes detection of low ppm measurements of oxygen possible.

trace SN cube
With separate combustion and detection channels for sulphur and nitrogen the instrument provides sensible determination of trace levels with highest precision and accuracy. The instrument is suitable for diesel, gasoline and similar samples and modules for solids, gases, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), or chlorine can be added.