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Kaluza - Flow Cytometry Analysis Software

Kaluza Analysis Software is designed to simplify, efficiently, and quickly analyze multi-color data. Four simple control panels provide access to every aspect of your data.
Install the software on as many computers as needed and control access with the license option that fits your needs. A variety of single user and multi-user licenses are available. Learn more about the philosophy behind the Kaluza Analysis Software.

  • Loads any FCS compliant file through standard 3.1
  • Real time processing of multi-color files of up to 20 million events
  • Create and run your own R scripts with the R Console Plugin
  • Innovative interface with workflow and ease of use as top priorities

Kaluza C Analysis Software
Kaluza C Analysis Software is built upon the successful Kaluza Analysis research use platform, meeting regulatory requirements places demands on both time and expertise.

Kaluza C Analysis Software provides features that streamline the clinical QC reporting requirements and address standardization issues in flow cytometry. At the same time it provides the power to processes multi-color files of up to 20 million events in real time.

  • Listed with the FDA
  • Integration with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
  • Traceability through user management
  • Specialized QC Report generation functions
  • Loads any listmode file that is compliant with the FCS standard, up through version 3.1