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Nikon Confocal Microscopes

Go beyond standard confocal imaging with Nikon’s confocal microscope systems. Ranging from the AX/AX R and A1 HD25 / A1R HD25 systems to the Yokogawa CSU and Crest X-Light confocal series, ideal for live cell and organoid imaging. Nikon’s industry-leading optics, including silicone immersion lenses, a perfect autofocusing mechanism (PFS) for uninterrupted time-lapse imaging, and powerful NIS-Elements software elevate these confocal systems to the next level.

Product range:

Nikon’s newest confocal microscope with unparalleled resolution, speed, sensitivity and field of view, with AI-based tools for simplifying acquisition and analysis. Featuring the world’s largest 25mm field of view for high-throughput, high-resolution imaging.

CSU Series
Field scanners are renowned for their low dosage, specimen friendly characteristics, making them ideal for live cell or organism applications.