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Nikon Industrial Upright Microscopes

A very wide range of compound microscopes is available from Nikon, including both upright and inverted instruments. They cover applications from inspection of traditional resin-mounted, polished cross sections of components, to full semiconductor wafer inspection including integration with wafer handlers and the NEXIV video measuring machines. Both reflected and transmitted light contrast techniques are supported to meet today’s requirement for examination of raw materials and innovative devices.


Nikon Industrial Upright Microscopes:

ECLIPSE L300ND, L300N and L200ND, L200N
A range of semiconductor microscopes ideal for inspection of integrated circuits (IC), flat panel displays (FPD), large scale integration (LSI) electronic devices and many more applications.

A flexible, modular, upright microscope series for various episcopic optical contrast techniques (BF-DF-DIC-POL-Fluorescence-Interferometry), together with digital imaging accessories and large stage XY travels, ideal for semiconductor and material inspection activities.

This flexible, modular, upright microscope series, capable of extensive episcopic and diascopic optical contrast techniques and with digital imaging camera accessories, is ideal for material inspection in many industrial applications.