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Gilson - MyPipetman SELECT

A personalized pipette for your needs
MyPIPETMAN SELECT is the latest innovation from Gilson with improved pipetting and personalized options. Ergonomic, safe and reliable are the three main words that are used to describe this air-displacement pipette.

This pipette combines an ergonomic design with minimized pipetting forces. With no compromise on quality and performance, the patented built-in tip ejection button provides reduced tip ejection forces and reinforces the pipette’s ergonomics for convenient use throughout the day.

MyPIPETMAN SELECT is available in both single channel and multichannel versions.

Select, set and secure volumes with the newest Trilock system. This function allows you to choose between having the volume locked, free or in the light ratchet position.

MyPIPETMAN SELECT is lightweight and well-balanced and has a textured design for a better grip. And with an integrated lever the tip ejection will be effortless.

This pipette allows a text up to 40 digits to be printed on the side of the handle that won´t rub off. Great for identifying your pipettes to minimize contamination.

MyPIPETMAN SELECT is fully autoclavable and stands UV-light for a more versatile usage.