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Neptune - Non-Filter Tips

Neptune Pipette Tips are manufactured under stringent controls in Neptune’s ISO 9001 certified facility. Neptune’s advanced manufacturing process continually monitors the quality of products and individual batch testing ensures Neptune products are certified RNase, DNase, and Endotoxin free.

Neptune’s exclusive S3 polymer was designed to increase pipetting accuracy by virtually eliminating sample retention.  S3 low retention pipette tips deliver volumes within 0.1% of the indicated volume, versus 0.7% for standard polymer tips. This provides more accurate results.

Generate reproducible results in minimal time with minimal fuss. The convenient, quality-tested Neptune pipette tips consistently deliver precise sample measurements in single and multichannel pipettors.

Some of the most popular non-filtered pipette tips are found below:                                     

Racked, Non-Filtered, Low-Retention, Pre-Sterilized          
Art nr.                                            
2142.S                0.5-10µL Eppendorf style, Universal Fit        
2042.S                0.1-10µL, Universal Fit                                          
2342S3.S           0.5-10µL XL, Universal Fit                                    
2102.S                20-200µL, Universal Fit                                        
2092.S                20-300µL, Universal Fit                                        
2372.S               100-1000µL, Universal Fit