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Rigaku SmartLab® is the newest and most novel high-resolution X-ray diffractometer (XRD) available today. Perhaps its most novel feature is the new SmartLab Studio II software, which provides the user with an intelligent User Guidance expert system functionality that guides the operator through the intricacies of each experiment. It is like having an expert standing by your side.

This new X-ray diffraction system features the PhotonMax high-flux 9 kW rotating anode X-ray source coupled with a HyPix-3000 high-energy-resolution 2D multidimensional semiconductor detector that supports 0D, 1D and 2D measure­ment modes, allowing all applications to be handled with a single detector, eliminating the inconvenience of preparing and switching individual detectors for different applications. The HyPix-3000 detector can be used to obtain 2D powder diffraction patterns, which can be processed to deliver superior qualitative analysis by using all the 2D pattern information. The system incorporates a high-resolution θ/θ closed loop goniometer drive system with an available in-plane diffraction arm. The system’s new Cross-Beam-Optics (CBO) family feature fully automated switchable reflection and transmission optics (CBO-Auto).

Available in-plane arm (5-axis goniometer)

High-flux X-ray source: PhotonMax

HyPix-3000 high energy resolution 2D HPAD detector

New CBO family, with fully automated beam switchable CBO-Auto

New CBO family, with high-resolution micro area CBO-μ

Operando measurements with SmartLab Studio II software

Multi-year component warranty contributes to low cost of ownership

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