Join us for LabDays 2024

Meet us at the LabDays exhibition in Stockholm on April 17-18 2024.

Join us for this year’s LabDays exhibition in Stockholm, the biggest event of the year for the Swedish laboratory industry. Find us at the combined booth 68 & 53, right next to the exhibitor theater, where we invite you to stop by and preview our selection of laboratory instruments and meet our team of specialists, learn about the new additions of equipment from our wide selection of suppliers, and discover how we can make science work better together! 

Learn more about the exhibition here


LabDays 2024 offer
Visit our booth and bring a batch of up to 20 pipettes for calibration for an exclusive offer! Sign up for a service agreement and receive a substantial 25% discount off list pricing on pipette calibration for an entire year. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more here

LabDays theater speak
Don’t miss our speak at the theater on the myths of working multiple people in a biological safety cabinet. Held by Thijs van den Dungen from The Baker Company on April 17 at 10:00.


Equipment showcased at our booth

Beckman Coulter LS 13320 XR Particle Size Analyzer
BMG LabTech PHERAstar FSX Microplate Reader

BMG LabTech VANTAstar Plate Reader
Elementar Vario MAX cube Organic Elemental Analyzer
Heidolph Hotplate & Shaker
Heidolph Rotary Evaporator
Gilson & Neptune Pipettes Tips
Gilson Liquid Handler
Qsonica Sonicator
Radleys Reactor Ready Lab Reactor
SCIEX Biophase 8800 Capillary Electrophoresis System
SPEX SamplePrep GenoGrinder Tissue Homogenizer

More information

Catharina Jakobsson

Sales Manager

  • Work area: Sales & Application
  • Special area: Analysis & Lab Equipment, Cell Solutions, Automation
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