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Heidolph offer a wide selection of high-quality laboratory shakers with different types of motions. From vortexers with their powerful circular vibrating shaking movement to orbital and reciprocating shakers to rocking, wave and overhead shakers, you are guaranteed to find the right device for your application.

A range of accessories is also available for shaking vessels of different sizes and heights, such as multi-well plates (model Titramax), Erlenmeyer flasks (model Unimax), separatory funnels (model Promax), etc. For the heat control of samples, the Incubator 1000, consisting of a heating module and a heating hood that can be selected from three models, can be easily combined with all Heidolph shakers of the 1000 series.

Versatile working with many different types of motion and vessel sizes: A wide range – from vortexer to large platform shaker – offers customized solutions.

In addition, an extensive range of accessories and numerous attachments for all common vessels are available to choose from. 

With six different types of motion – from one- to threedimensional – the right solution is available for every

For special applications, many types of motion can be selected in addition to the desired amplitude. 

3 different weight classes are available: compact 2-kg models, 5-kg incubator-compatible models or 10-kg models for highest sample throughput.

The clearly arranged control panel is self-explanatory and makes everyday use easier

No compromise: The wide range of shakers and mixers devices in combination with the matching accessories offers the right solution for every application. 

A worthwhile investment: All products have maintenanceand spark-free motors and are excellently suited for years of continuous use.

The sealed housing reliably protects against corrosion and, on average, increases the operational lifespan to more than 10 years while simultaneously reducing maintenance and repair costs.

The modular concept Incubator 1000 for simultaneous mixing, shaking and temperature control increases the
sample throughput and simultaneously reduces process times. 

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