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Live Cell Imaging with the 3D Cell Explorer: Take your Cell Research to the Next Dimension. A revolutionary holotomographic microscope to look instantly inside living cells in 3D. NON-INVASIVE 3D CHARACTERIZATION. Live cell imaging in physiological conditions without any bleaching or phototoxicity. LABEL-FREE 4D CONTINUOUS OBSERVATION. Measurement of cell processes from seconds to weeks.  MULTIPLEXING. High resolution and high sensitivity characterization of multiple cell organelles based on their refractive index.

Analyze the cell's inner structure and sub-structure in a non-invasive way.

Explore and measure cell organelles with unprecedented detail and resolution, marker-free and preparation-free based on their own physical density.

Study cell life cycle processes of growth, division and death in 3D and 4D.

Monitor all cell compartments and their kinetics and dynamics in real-time at every second without interfering with natural functioning.

Keep your sample healthy as long as you need - thanks to a dedicated top-stage incubator you can keep your cells in a controlled environment and physiological conditions while imaging them.

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Supplier Nanolive
Supplier Nanolive