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The CX-F platform is a Multimodal complete solution where Nanolive combine high quality non-invasive 3D live cell imaging with epifluorescence for all labs department or institute. The combination of holography and rotational scanning makes the imaging revolutionary. The technology is further unique because it works label-free and reports the 3D refractive index distribution of the cell as well as enable an extremely low light power that allows for a total absence of phototoxicity in the holograms.

Please contact us for more information about the platform´s software and/or related assays.

Combine fully label-free imaging with correlative epifluorescence to cover a broad array of live cell imaging requirements for your lab, department, or institute

Rediscover your living cells through multiplexing: Nanolive datasets contain the simultaneous acquisition of several biological features and organelles – therefore capturing various pathways of cell biology in real-time

Extend Live Cell Imaging: image your live cells as long as you need. Limit cell damages caused by fluorescent markers, bleaching and phototoxicity

Visualize the invisible: the CX-F allows you to visualize what would be too small to be captured label-free, such as: proteins, ions (e.g. calcium), viruses, etc

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Supplier Nanolive
Supplier Nanolive