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Nanolive´s CX-A platform is the only solution in the world to offer an automated 3D label free live cell imaging platform that’s compatible with 96 well plates. The combination of holography and rotational scanning makes the imaging revolutionary. The technology is further unique because it works label-free and reports the 3D refractive index distribution of the cell as well as enable an extremely low light power that allows for a total absence of phototoxicity in the holograms.

Please contact us for more information about the platform´s software and/or related assays.

Non-invasive autofocus solution: keeps cells in focus for the time of the experiment

Integrated image analysis solution with multi-parametric read-out

Long-term imaging of living cells with no perturbations and no contamination in physiological conditions thanks to our dedicated incubation solution.

High quality motorized stage with a micron range precision repeatability of motion

Stitching feature: allows to analyze highly confluent cell populations containing hundreds of cells while keeping Nanolive’s signature sub-cellular resolution

Meaningful correlative imaging: features a fully integrated 3 channel epifluorescence imaging modality

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Supplier Nanolive
Supplier Nanolive