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Sample preparation - 3621 Manual/Press picture

Spex - Manual/Press

Full-size CarverĀ® hydraulic laboratory pellet press that accepts 13 mm, 31 mm, 35 mm, and 40 mm pellet die sets. Manually controlled. Ideal for pressing sample pellets for XRF, IR, and other analytical techniques. CE Approved.

3621 - 12-ton press (10.9 metric ton)
3622 - 25-ton press (22.7 metric ton)
3626 - 12-ton benchtop press (10.9 metric ton)

Typical samples include:Ā Cement, Rocks, Minerals, Soils, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals

  • Accepts all SPEX SamplePrep Evacuable Pellet Die Sets.
  • Can be operated anywhere in the world, even under the most primitive conditions.
  • Economical alternative to motorized presses for labs with a small sample load.
  • Hardened steel buffer plate is engraved with concentric circles and enables easy centering of the die.
  • Manual, hydraulic laboratory press with buffer plate.
  • Rugged, reliable and noted for its extraordinary durability.
  • Upper platen is equipped with a safety shield for operator protection.